Hillary’s Attorney to Oversee Recount

As we await Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Trump-Russia collusion-hoax and 2016 election meddling by Moscow, incumbent and election night lame-duck Florida Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson is trying to save his Senate seat by bringing in attorney Marc Elias, one of the key players in the collusion with Russia by Fusion GPS and the DNC to derail the Trump candidacy and presidency:



HWAV Exclusive: CA Poll Officer Comes Forward

In the late afternoon of November 6, 2018, I put out a request for anyone that witnessed irregularities at their polling place to share their experience with me. I wanted to document as many as I was able. I felt it was essential to expose voter fraud and election manipulation as close to real-time as possible. When I put out my request, I had no idea how many I would receive. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by the number.

There was one, however, that stood out from the others. This one was from a poll officer in northern California. In the initial email, not much detail was given aside from a brief account of what this officer witnessed and their name, location and telephone number. They requested someone call them so that they could get their story out. They made very clear they would not be silenced. After doing a quick search to confirm the telephone number and the name associated with it as well as the location, I called the number. What follows is their eyewitness account. There are aspects I will not disclose to protect this person’s identity. However, they are very receptive to interviews with those parties and authorities in positions to do a thorough investigation.


Tiempo para Aprender Español

I’ll be narrating the following article with a sprinkling of Spanish. By the time I’ve finished you may wanna brush-up on your Espanol too.

In an issue the press suggests we shouldn’t be too concerned about, the California departamento de vehículos automotores says it’s screwed up 23,000 voter registrations based on its stewardship of the state’s automatic voting registration system, known as its motor-voter law.