Heads-Up: Focus About to Change

The parallels between the state-sponsored, operation conducted on September 11, and the multi-year-orchestrated environmental actions in California are profound and prevalent.

Because the American people never satisfactorily resolved the 9/11 operation, the United States has suffered one orchestrated event after another by the same clandestine culprits.




We Want Answers


This past Friday evening, October 12, 2018, I uploaded a report on the Florida panhandle and the devastation sustained as a result of Hurricane Michael. The founder of State of the Nation and The Millennium Report, Michael Thomas, came forward and gave an interview about what happened in Florida.

A resident of the area affected by this hurricane, Mr. Thomas expressed his concerns regarding the timing of the storm, the areas in Florida most affected and that he believes this event was a product of weather manipulation. In other words, the hurricane was manipulated, modified and directed to make land-fall in a very specific area of Florida. An area that is a Republican stronghold.

Since then, many independent researchers have arrived at similar conclusions.

My viewers and subscribers have sent me emails expressing everything from great sadness for the people of the panhandle and other areas that have lost everything, to a hot, seething rage. But more than anything else, and this isn’t limited to my subscribers, I’ve read the same concerns and questions in comment sections and message boards across the internet, the people of the United States want answers.

Was the President made aware of this weather manipulation?

If so, why have the installations responsible, some researchers maintain several are located on the Yucatan Peninsula and others are located in international waters, not been taken out? Why haven’t they been neutralized?

I’m not a complete idiot, I understand the President is surrounded by forces working against him at every turn. So …. if he was not alerted, who are the individuals in his administration responsible for keeping watch over these type of weather events and reporting their findings to the President? Have they been arrested? If not, why not?

If what dozens of independent researchers documented concerning this hurricane is correct, then the people of the United States are under siege. It’s that simple.

My intention isn’t to disparage those that have come forward and made their findings public, but it’s evident many aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. If they were able to document and demonstrate that this hurricane’s behavior was anything but normal, how is it that professionals within the president’s administration didn’t do the same?

The people want answers. The people want to know if military action has been taken against those responsible. The people want to know what steps the administration has taken to prevent what happened in Florida from ever happening again. The people want to know if action has not been taken … why not. The people feel abandoned. How are they to defend themselves and their families against diabolical persons or groups of people able to create destructive forces of nature? The people of California have been clamoring for answers to similar questions since 2017, when Napa Valley and other areas in northern California were lost in still-unexplained conflagrations that the communist governor termed the new normal.

We want answers.