The Missing Amendment

The Missing Amendment, pt. 1

Was It Ratified? What Does It Mean?, pt. 2

Don’t Bank On It, pt. 3

Bankers Own the Earth, pt. 4

Banks Outlawed in U.S.: True or False?, pt. 5

Constitution Prohibits Paper Money, pt. 6

U.S. Senators in Cahoots w/ Britain Since 1794, pt. 7

Out-Foxed by Euro Bankers, pt.8

Rare Book Reveals Plans for Coup, pt. 9

Titles of Nobility Legitimize Crime, pt. 10

Constitution Prohibits the IBA, pt. 11

No Free Pass, pt. 12

Never Before in World History, pt. 13

Feds Say Amendment Never Ratified, pt. 14

Learn more about the researchers and the 13th Amendment.



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